“Still Standing After 10”

Do Slovaks drink the most?

We have prepared an interesting challenge for you. However, this challenge won’t be about regular alcohol drinking. In this challenge you won’t be served ordinary kinds of alcohol which you are used to. We created a combination of 10 various shots which won’t keep you sitting on a chair. The goal of this challenge is to drink all of them and by doing so you can get a point for the country you are from. How many of them can you have?  The Slovaks are in the lead now but Austrians and Englishmen are catching up with them.

Will you join it?

Overcome your abilities and join the challenge where you can win a T-shirt together with the point for your country. The current points are written on a board which can be found on the first floor of Zbrojnoš pub. Visit us and see how your country is doing in drinking. This challenge has already been accepted by people from more than 45 countries all over the world and 4970 shots have been drunk so far. Don’t put your country to shame and contribute with a point on the board “Still standing after 10.”

PRICE: 29,90 € / 10 shots

What does the challenge consist of?

While competing in the challenge “still staying after 10” you can look forward to these types of alcohol:

Spišská borovička, Matterhorn, Baileys, Absinth, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Brain, Brandy, Vodka