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Last farewell

We present you with deep sorrow the dark comedy of author Roman Matiska – Last Farewell. We invite you to a funeral, where more than with the deceased husband, the mourners are interested in the heirloom and their own problems.

The following actors will perform in this play: Zuzana Danciakova, Mirka Belancová, Yves Kozak, Roman Matisko

Random selection

The author of this theatrical comedy is Roman Matisko. Although the audience was presented with only a small improvised stage, two screens, one seat, and a table, a passionate marriage quartet could be played here by “random choice.” Two married couples, marked by mismatches, after a common encounter through an advert, make up some form of gears that grind together.

The premier was at the end of June and the show has already won its audience. It is therefore interesting to find out that even in our “pubs”, you can see some worthwhile culture.